Our Services

 Rates and Terms                                      

Hourly Charge $65 per hour
Day Rate $450 for 8 hour block
$55 per hour over 8 hours
Studio rehearsal rate $30 per hour [prior to booked session, when available]
Safety copies $40 per hour
Computer graphics design time $40 per hour
Piano tuning fee is $80 for Martin Andrews
48 hours cancellation is required or studio charge for booked time applies, if time is not able to be re-booked.
Discounted fees available with your own qualified engineer.

(Studio rates include an engineer)

     Materials charges                                      

HHb Adat 45 recording tape [pre-formatted] $15 per reel in library case
CD copies [TDK or Taiyo Gold] $3 each in jewel case
Custom color CD label $1 applied
Custom color tray card $1 assembled
Quantegy GP9 2"x 10½" analog tape on precision metal reel $180
High Speed Cassette Duplication $3.00 each for 92 minute tape [mono]

Studio Equipment List


Alesis Adat to Alesis Adat XT20 [four]
Denon DRM-800A 3 head cassette recorder
Otari MX5050 Mark III--1/2" 8 track @ 7½ips & 15 ips
Otari MTR12--1/4" 2 track mastering @ 7½ips, 
     15ips & 30ips
Otari MTR90--2" with 16 & 24 track head stacks
Panasonic SV3500 Dat
Panasonic SV3700 Dat
Teac 4300SX --1/4" stereo ¼ track @ 3¾ ips & 7½ ips 
Teac 3340S--1/4" 4 track @ 7½ ips & 15 ips 


Mackie Micro series 1202
Neotek Series II console 28x8x2
Ramsa WR8210A 10x4
Soundcraft Spirit Live 8x2x1

 Outboard Gear                                    

Aapex 661 Expressor with tubessence (two)
Symetrix 501 Peak-RMS (two)
Symetrix 522 Peak-RMS (stereo)
Urei LA-4 (two)

DigiTech 256XL
Ensonic DP/4 Parallel Effects Processor
Klark-Teknik DN780
Lexicon PCM70
Lexicon 200
Master Room XL-305
Roland SRV-2000
TC Electronics M2000

Other Gear
Alesis AI-1 Digital Interface
Alesis BRC Master Remote Control
Alesis ML9600 Masterlink
BBE 422A Sonic Maximer
dbx 263X De-Esser (two)
dbx 1531P Graphic Equalizer (two)
Oz Audio Q-Mix Matrix Headphone Mixer Amp
Phase Linear E51 Parametric Equalizer (two)
Stewart HD4 Cue Amp
Stewart MP2 Microphone Preamp with EQ (two)
Symetrix SG-200 Dual Signal Gate
TC Electronics Finalizer 96K
Technics SL-1200 Direct Drive Turntable


 Studio Microphones               

3 AKG 414 EB Condenser
1 AKG 451 EB Condenser
2 AKG 460B with CK1 cap Condenser
1 AKG 460B with CK61 cap Condenser
1 AKG 535 EB Condenser
1 AKG SE5E-10 with CE1 cap Condenser
1 AKG D1000E Dynamic
2 AKG Vintage Tube Mic with 6072 tube
     & variable pattern p/s
1 AKG C28B cap
1 Audio Technics AT814 Dynamic
2 Blue Lollipop B6 Large Diaphram cap
1 Beyer M130 Ribbon
1 Beyer M160 Ribbon
1 Beyer M88 Dynamic
1 Beyer M260 Dynamic
4 B&K 4006 Condenser
2 EV PL76 Condenser
1 EV 623 Dynamic [vintage]
3 EV RE20 Large Diaphram Dynamic
1 Neumann KM84 Condenser 
     [Klaus Heine mod]
1 Neumann U87
1 Røde NT2 Condenser
1 Røde Classic Tube
3 Sennheiser 421 Dynamic
2 Sennheiser 441 Dynamic
1 Shure 545 Dynamic
1 Shure SM57 Dynamic
1 Shure SM81 Condenser
1 Shure SM85 Condenser
2 Shure 25L Dynamic [vintage]
1 Shure 51 Dynamic [vintage]
1 Shure Unidyne Model 55 
      [vintage - Elvis mic]
1 Sony C48 Condenser
1 Tascam PE250 Large Diaphram Dynamic

  Wireless Microphones           

1 Samson CR-3X True Diversity with
     Shure SM58
1 Samson SR-2 Stage Series II Lavalier
1 Shure Marcad Diversity with 
     Shure SM58
1 Shure L4 Series Marcad 
     Diversity Lavalier


Alesis RA-100
Crown Micro-Tech 600
Denon POA-800
Hafler Trans-Nova Series 9505

 Monitors (pairs)                                     

Auratone 5C Cubes
AR Powered Partner 570
Yamaha NS-10
JBL 4408
KLH Powered Subwoofer
KEF 104
KEF 105
Minimus 7
Tannoy PBM 8 LM


 Video Gear                                               

Bogen 3046 Tripod with Fluid Head
Panasonic S-VHS AG-455MP Proline Recorder
Panasonic S-VHS AG-1970 Editing Deck (two)
Panasonic Editing Controller AG-A96
Panasonic Color Monitor CT S1390Y
Panasonic Color Monitor CT 1383Y
Videonics Digital Video Titlemaker TM-1 NTSC

 Duplication Gear                                     
Awai AD-S27 Audio Cassette Recorders (four)
Go-Video Montage GV-6060 with AmeriChrome Circuitry 
     (VHS tapes)
Princeton CDExpress Duplicator 8x with Scsii drive
Sony Audio Cassette Duplicator CCR-1310F (16x mono)

 Piano Gear                                               

1956 - 9' Steinway Concert Grand ‘D’ Centennial Edition
 Computer System                                              

Pentium III 833 Mhz with 512 MB ram
2 - 40 GB 7200 rpm hard drives
Plextor - PlexWriter CD-R, CD-RW 12x write
Layla 24/96 A/D interface-recording system
Steinberg Wavelab 3.0 - 24 bit wave editing and mastering
Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro
Fuji FinePix 6900 digital camera - 3.3 Meg Super CCD sensor / AVI movie mode
Canon Scanner - up to 1200dpi
HP PhotoSmart 1100 color printer

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